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Jennifer Janosi
Jennifer Janosi

Orlando, FL

Designer of digital products; specializing in user experience & interaction design

  1. Onboarding for Kore.ai walkthrough intro material design ui android ios onboarding
  2. Let's order a smoothie! webdesign uiux swipe presentation mobile page ios interaction checkout design animation
  3. Virtual Essistants Marketing Website is LIVE marketing page website web ui landing illustration dev
  4. WIP ios illustration iphone blue flat onboarding first run
  5. Rate the Merchant (WIP) rating ios smiley blue pink iphone ui design
  6. Dash ios7 dashboard blue flat elephants
  7. Raven App raven ibeacon purple teal popup ios7 flat
  8. Side Menu wip ios7 flat dark side menu
  9. Add A Friend ios7 flat blue elephants avatars
  10. Confirming Request confirming ios flat orange black grey ui
  11. Comment Popup comments flat ios ui iphone
  12. Receipt receipt ios dark iphone
  13. Credit Card dark ui cc credit card pewter ios iphone
  14. iPad Conference App ipad ios meeting assitant flat blue grey white orange conference
  15. icon ios icon blue papers pen scribbble
  16. Wireframe Animation Concept wireframe gif animation ios ui ux grid
  17. Button button game orange yellow ios
  18. Finger Gestures gestures fingers cartoon free psd web
  19. Pastel Chat pastel chat ui flat ios
  20. mpin screen iphone ios ui interface banking orange black login
  21. Activation Flow banking activation ui iphone
  22. Credit Card Transaction Chart chart graph ios credit banking
  23. Video App video ios ui user interface grey iphone
  24. Planner/Tasks App homework study iphone grey navy blue ui planner tasks calendar
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